When will the 2013 pruning classes begin? The time to prune is dictated by each type of plant. In March we will begin with classes on the pruning and care of boxwoods. Classes will continue weekly through April.
What are some of the plants that we will learn to prune? Last year we started with deciduous trees and worked our way through the pruning of burning bush, crabapple, European hornbeam, yellow wood, yews, azaleas, rhododendron and lilacs. Of course, everything was pruned at the proper time of year.
Where will the 2012 classes be held? While we have not finalized all of the locations for the 2013 classes, we do know that some of our boxwood classes will be held at the same historic site in Leesburg as last year. We will have an opportunity to see first-hand the effects of biologically correct pruning on the hundreds of boxwoods pruned by last year's students.
What is the cost of this year's classes? The cost for each class is $45.00 per student; however, if you register for more than one class you can deduct $5.00 from the cost of each class. Although we used to provide a gourmet lunch to go with the pruning experience, we found that the students preferred a lower cost for the class and to bring a lunch with them. The Pruning School provides drinks for everyone.
How long does the class last, and what if I cannot stay the entire time? Classes normally start at 10:00 AM and run through 2:00 PM. We understand if you cannot stay for the entire class, but it is most important that you attend the first half of the class when we discuss the specifics of pruning that day's chosen plant.
What will the classes be like? Typically a class begins with an overview of the lesson. Peter Deahl will introduce himself and his staff and discuss the ways that a specific plant instructs an arborist in his craft. The class will take a walking tour of the property to see various examples of pruning requirements. Students are then split into groups headed by arborists for hands-on practice of the lessons.
What do I need to bring to class? First of all, bring your curiosity and desire to learn. Warm clothes and appropriate shoes are a must. Gloves and safety glasses are highly recommended. If you have hand pruners and hand saws that you like to use, please bring them.
How will I know if the class has been postponed?

Most of our classes take place on private property, and we are very mindful of how we treat the gardens in which we prune. Classes will almost always be postponed in the event of rain. We will post information about closures on the News page of this website the night before the scheduled class or by 6:00 AM the day of the class. In other matters, The Pruning School follows the Loudoun County schools in determining when to postpone classes. If Loudoun County schools are closed, our classes will be postponed.

How do I register? A registration form is available here. You can also register over the telephone by calling Peter Deahl at (703) 501-0417.
The Pruning School 16 Berkeley Court Sterling, Virginia 20165