Inside every shrub is a work of art waiting to bloom!

Peter Deahl, Fine Pruning

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It's not just for learning the intricacies of pruning ornamentals; it may be the most fun you've ever had.

At The Pruning School we will NOT...

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Welcome to The Pruning School's electronic library. Feel free to browse through the articles. Feedback is important to us: Let us know if a particular article helps or hinders, enlightens or offends.

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MARCH CLASS POSPONED - Will be rescheduled soon!


So much talk about timing and pruning. Whether it’s about flower production or when’s the best time of the year to prune a certain plant. In the Mid-Atlantic the dormant season is...

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About Peter Deahl

Peter Deahl, co-founder of The Pruning School, practices the techniques that he preaches in his own business, Peter Deahl, FinePruning.

Offering a full range of residential and commercial arboricultural services, Peter Deahl, FinePruning helps you get the most from your shrubs and ornamentals.

Contact Peter at (703) 501-0417 or click here for more information on FinePruning

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Will be rescheduled soon!

Would you like to share your curriculum with us? Would you like to prune woody plants and learn about related fields from some of our industry's most provocative professionals?

Classes run from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM unless otherwise noted, and all classes qualify for Continuing Education Credits in the Master Gardener's Program. 2015 classes are now posted.

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Fine Pruning

If you would rather not tackle the pruning of your shrubs and trees, you can entrust that job to a professional arborist.

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